Saturday, April 4, 2009

Playing in side while it is snowing outside

We decided that it was to yucky to go outside and play, because it is still snowing in April, so we decided to get out the tunnel. The boys have a great time going through the tunnel. We are on an adventure (like Dora) and go through the tunnel, over the mountain to get to the treasure. We played this for at least an hour. I guess we can have fun inside while it is snowing outside.

We HATE! Haircuts

We went to Idaho to see the family last weekend and decided the boys looked like bushman. We asked Grammie to give them a haircut. My boys HATE! haircuts. From the minute we tell them its time for a haircut until they are out of the tub they are crying. Cameron shutters he gets so upset, but I think his is a sensory issue. Thank heavens that grammie has to love them no matter what, or she would have said no way am I cutting their hair! Thanks grammie, it looks great.